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     Balance means to bring into or maintain in a state of equilibrium. Why is this important? Energy being unbalanced is the cause of stress, which is the catalyst for all dis-ease & disorder. When your energy is not balanced you will attract on a frequency where everything seems to go wrong in your life. Our bodies are like antennas, receiving and transmitting information every second. Transference of energy is constantly happening, even in your Sleep! 

     Our bodies are Thermodynamic Systems. Heat inside of us can increase our potential and kinetic energy. Our total body energy is our Internal energy. If you are feeling low inside, your overall energy is lowered & your subconscious will attract to you energy on a low frequency. The core of our bodies is similar to the core of the Earth. As our planet's core heats up it produces an electromagnetic field that keeps us safe from harmful radiation. Having a balanced core helps our body's energy field remain strong to prevent negative energies from causing us harm & us from attracting negative situations. 

     Our balanced bodies contain very powerful energy. On an average our bodies run on 80 watts, compared to a lightbulb which runs on 100 watts. Scientists even have a measurement of this energy, known as the Human Energy Conversion

(H-e). For a difficult task of only a few seconds, a person can put out thousands of watts many times the 746 watts in one official horsepower! For tasks lasting a few minutes, a fit human can generate about 1,000 watts. For activity that must be sustained for an hour, energy output drops to around 300 watts & for an activity kept up all day, 150 watts is about the maximum.