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The Chakra Guide

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Your Chakras Are Energy Portals That Align With Your Spine
​& Encode All Of Your Emotional Experiences!

There Are 7 Major Chakras! Stress Causes Your Chakra's Energy To Become Blocked! Your Chakras Must Be Balanced In Order To Help You Feel Energized, Less Stressed & Healthy! This Kit Will Give You The Tools You Need To Get Your
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Your Chakras Are Your Life Energies That Encode Your Experiences In Their Energy Vortexes, Just As Memories Are Chemically Encoded In Your Neurons! So We Must Cleanse Our Chakras To Get Balanced & Release Stress!

These Energy Portals Are Along The Center Of Our Body! If This Energy Is Blocked, Dull & Not Balanced, We Will Get Illnesses, Diseases, Depression & Feel Drained! Cleansing Your Chakras, Will Help You Remove These Blocks!

There Are 7 Major Chakras...

1. Root 2. Sacral 3. Navel/Solar Plexus 4.Heart 5.Throat 6.ThirdEye 7.Crown 

To Get Your Chakras Cleansed & Balanced, I Have Services Online Chat, Over The Phone, Webcam & In-Person (Local Only)