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The Chakra Guide

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Have A Session With Ms Masta Foxx, where She Prescribes You the Crystals that fit Your Needs!
Crystals Have Natural Healing powers & are great to use for Natural Healing Meditation, Chakra Balancing & Much More!!
(Crystals Cleansed & Charged By Ms Masta Foxx) ;)

Energy Readings/Tarot & Chakra Zodiac Card Readings

Get an Energy Reading or Tarot/Chakra Zodiac Card Reading With Ms Masta Foxx. She channels Universal Energy & Becomes a Vessel for the Universe to speak through. She is also Hypersensitive & feels Subtle energies that may be hidden! Get a better understanding about a specific question or your life's path! ;)

Services Available Online Webcam, Chat,

Over-the-phone & In-Person

(Local Only).

Crystal Prescription Consultation

Ms Masta Foxx will Set-Up a Specialized Weekly Plan with You To Help You Relieve Stress, Pain, Break Habits, Balance Energy, Relationship Counseling, Manage Your Life For Success & Happiness, Cognitive Therapy, Etc. ;)

Wellness Coaching


Energy Therapy Sessions

Chakra Energy

Balancing Sessions

Have A "MasterMind" Conversation With Ms Masta Foxx, she sends you Love Energy & will help you release your negative thoughts to put you in higher vibrations mentally to overcome Your everyday issues & Attract more Positive Energy Into Your Life. ;)

Ms Masta Foxx sends you Love Energy & Focuses on releasing your negative Energy blocks & Cleansing your Chakras, Aura & Meridians. Services Available Online Webcam, Over-the-phone & In-Person (Local Only).

Get Your Chakras Balanced!

The Chakra Guide,

Ms Masta Foxx

"The Energy Whisperer" is an

Energy Guide/Chakra Balancer.

She assists in balancing

energies, within people, plants,

animals and things. She

provides Energy Balancing Sessions,

which help you to deal with the unwanted energies that are entering your body everyday. She also specializes in "Energy Therapy", Chakra Balancing, Crystal Prescription Consultation & Reiki Touch Massage. She also gives Energy Reading & Tarot or Chakra Zodiac Cards Readings. She is a Kinesiologist, Music Producer, Author, Wellness Coach, Empath, Clairvoyant & More. 

*I Also Offer A Free 15-Minute Telephone Consultation For First Time Clients Email Me At